Profile Updated: March 13, 2010
Residing In: Lebanon (This is mailing address live in Mason), OH USA
Spouse/Partner: I've been looking in all the wrong places
Homepage: jwhitaker@wsattorneys.com
Occupation: attorney
Children: Ann Nicole Machado born 02/20/1977
Ryan Andrew Whitaker born 03/28/1980
My daughter, More…Nikki, lives in the world's big outdoor sanitarium (California). She is doing well, but worries about her biological clock and wants more children. This is a problem because she also wants more money. She cannot afford to live in California but will not come back to the Mid-West.
Ryan is a Captain in JAG (the Army legal branch). He thinks the world is too conservative and wonders what happen to Bush. Hell, we all wonder what happen to Bush and Wall Street.
My Son is taking extra courses in combat to help further his cureer. Recently he completed Air Assault School and was 10th in a class of 2000. Not bad as he was the only non-combat branch attendee. I think he has a post-um note on his head to send him to Iraq.
Ryan got married a little over month ago to a Russian lady that he had been dating for a year. This (Russia) may prove to be the new vacation spot for 2010. It will be summer as I am not freezing my a__ off in the tundra of Russia.
Military Service: Army  

I have great concerns about starting unless I am sure that this program has spell check. My spelling has not improved much since high school.
Currently, I am the senior attorney in a law office of three. This really means nothing except that I worry a lot more and the firm uses my line of credit when we need money. Actually, God has been wonderful to me and I am doing well. I worry more about the world than I should, watch too much National Geographic, and the History Channel. There is no renting of movies that the police could arrest me for. Ended that last sentence witha preposition, this is now acceptable.
Traveling has been a passion of mind and I have had the chance to see Africia, Australia, sailed the small Caribian Islands for four two week periods. This four trips were sailing each day from island to island. Been on an elk hunting trip to North Dakota, now, that seem like I was out of the country.
Currently, I am dating a lady from Iran. She has been here for 30 years, and is not a terrorists (or at least she has told me that).
I have a very nice cabin in Cumberland, which is where i go to recover my sanity. My children also love the cabin when I pay to fly them and their familites to the cabin. Remember, my daughter is in California and my son is stationed in the Army at El Peso, Texas.
There is no retirement for me in the near future. I have obtained a law license in Wyoming . My thought 3 years ago was to sell my office building, my house, and my cabin and then go to Wyoming to practice law part time and hunt and fly fish the rest of my time. Well, guess what, trying to sell one piece of real estate, much less three, is totally impossible.
Both of my parents died in the last two years. Somehow, I thought that I would not think about them every day, but I still do. It never occurred to me that I would be the oldest in the family still alive.
I am finding that I can have a deep faith without throwing myself on the alter and speaking in tongues. Our relationship with God does determine or history.
It is my desiree to add to comments as I have 5,819 characters left. As things come to mine and life brings me more experiences, I will try to keep in touch.

School Story:

Probably, some of my best stories, are about Gilbert Karrick. The problem is that no one ever believes you when you tell the story. I remember one time when Gilbert was on the football team. The team was short two player. He came to my house and threw a piece of raw steak on the floor and started chewing on the steak. Nothing affected my mother, but she did say, "what the hell is wrong with Gilly?" Gil said the coach had taught him before a game to be an aggresive warrior who could live on raw meat. I told my mother that he did not get enough oxygen at birth and Gil may have some issues.
I always loved sports but as we all know there was not a high school team that I made. It was not one of my favorite moments, getting cut at every try-out. In retrospect, it probably made me become more independent. You move in other directions when you cannot have what you want.

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Aug 16, 2019 at 11:07 AM

I would appreciate hearing from you. Sorry for all time that has expired. Office is 513-398-1910 and cell is 1-513-398-1280. Email is jim@whitakerattorneys.com. I did not know that Frank and I presume Don, where working on the 55 reunion. Happy Birthday

Mar 18, 2019 at 12:53 PM

Jim -- Hope you enjoyed a HAPPY AND UNFORGETTABLE BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Mar 14, 2019 at 9:52 AM

Happy Birthday, Jimmy! If we behave ourselves, I may be sending a message next year at this time. Hope to see you at the dinner next week. Frankie

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Mar 14, 2018 at 5:49 PM

Happy Birthday, Jim. Hope your having a great day and i believe our paths will cross tomorrow night at dinner. Remember, practice good manners. Congrats on 71 big ones! Frank

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JAMES WHITAKER posted a message.
Aug 15, 2017 at 10:55 AM

Would like to hear from you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jim Whitaker

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Mar 14, 2017 at 8:34 AM

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